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Join us on the streets of Gotham this month with a short season of big-screen Batman.

Newly available in sharp digital restorations, these four adventures with the Caped Crusader are immensely enjoyable for a variety of reasons - namely the Gothic overtones of Tim Burton’s Batman, the dark fairytale edge of Batman Returns and the mid-90s neon campiness of Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever and Batman & Robin.

Return to a simpler time when comic book franchises waxed and waned and Bat-suits infamously, inexplicably had nipples...

Batman - Fri 24 May at 3.15pm & 8.25pm

Batman Returns - Sun 26 May at 3.20pm & 5.30pm

Batman Forever - Tue 28 May at 1.00pm & 8.40pm

Batman & Robin - Thu 30 May at 8.30pm


Tim Burton


126 mins

Batman & Robin

Joel Schumacher


125 mins

Batman Forever

Joel Schumacher


120 mins

Batman Returns

Tim Burton


126 mins


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