A petite programme announcement that runs from the 19th of August until the 1st of September, covering a two-week period, as we make a readjustment from 3-week programming schedules, to 4. It seems that only now are film slates, and release dates, starting to settle, and stick. 

There are some brilliant films within this short programme, including several fantastic documentaries. Blind Ambition looks just grape – South African sommeliers competing in the world’s foremost wine tasting competition; Free Chol Soo Lee, a gripping doc about a Chinatown murder, and a wrongly convicted immigrant. Closer to home, My Old School profiles Brandon Lee, who lied about his age and went back to school. Beautifully portrayed by Alan Cumming, to real interview recordings. 

We celebrate the work of one Jimmy Caan by playing Rollerball and Misery – with that unforgettable terrifying turn by Kathy Bates. RIP James Caan – one of Hollywood’s real legends. We’ve also got a double bill of Top Gun and Top Gun: Maverick. If you haven’t seen the resurrection yet, do so. It’s wonderful and deliciously watchable. 

Welsh language horror The Feast finally gets a release – Gwledd; gruesome and grisly. Check out the trailer which will whet your appetite. Lastly, Where Is Anne Frank is Ari Folman’s first film since The Congress in 2014. The animation is gorgeous, as you’d expect from the director of Waltz With Bashir, and the story engrossing.