Here's how it works: buy a ticket for a film in the left hand column below, and you will receive a voucher that will entitle you, on handing it in at the Belmont Filmhouse Box Office, to 50% off a full price ticket to any film (or any film in any season) listed in the right hand column.

We've marked the films and seasons involved with wee logos to make them easier to spot - orange for left hand column films, purple for right. Like so:
 FH Explorer Orange       FH Explorer Purple

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Belmont Filmhouse Explorer for February/March 2018

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Phantom Thread                                                         Glory
The Mercy                                                                        Loveless
The Shape of Water                                                 A Fantastic Woman
Lady Bird                                                                  The Square
You Were Never Really Here                                 Sweet Country

All tickets subject to availability. The half price voucher only applies to full price tickets. The Filmhouse Explorer ticket deal cannot be used in
conjunction with any other offer.