Accessibility Features on this Website

We have endeavoured to make the Belmont Filmhouse website as accessibile to everyone as possible. The site uses access keys and navigation shortcuts to help you find your way around our site, and the content has been placed at the start of the pages before the navigation for screen reader users.

Unfortunately the online ticketing system currently requires javascript and is therefore not completely accessible. To purchase tickets please call the Filmhouse Box Office on 01224 343 500 where someone will be happy to help you.

Navigation Shortcuts

All pages start with a short menu, invisible to sighted users, to facilitate movement around the page. These shortcuts have each been assigned an accesskey.


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The Belmont is located at 49 Belmont Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1JS. You can book your tickets online, but the booking process unfortunately requires javascript at present. Tickets can also be bought by phoning the box office on 01224 343 500.  Belmont location